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It’s Sunday?

Not necessarily.

Let us pretend I can teleport to California. Ha-ha! It is now Saturday! Albeit very late…but Saturday nonetheless!

Due to time constraints, frivolity, Finals, and having to pack a roomful of items into a tiny cubicle/trunk, I have had little time to focus on creating a dazzling post for the blog. I do hope my Muse and my time are given more freely and frequently once the summer begins.

These sound like lame and mundane excuses — and they sort of are. They are also very true.

The truth can be mundane and lame.

But isn’t there a pinch of beauty in that?


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Second semester begins in one week.

Seven days until I’m busy, busy, busy¬†again.

It’s bittersweet. But bittersweet isn’t innately negative — it kind of tastes nice. Nice to overturn this long break of friends and family to close and fold onto new classes, new experiences, and back to my newfound college life. I must say, I strangely miss my this-cannot-be-any-bigger-than-a-prison-cell dorm room. I worked hard to make it feel like home, and I think it’s even cozier than my (much larger) home bedroom. One thing is for sure — my tiny space feels more workable. I do more writing at that desk than I’ve ever done at my desk here at home.

And I know my diligence and enthusiasm will be short-lived. I accept that. It’s one of the quirks of being a proud and unbending procrastinator. But the upside is that having writing courses helps me avoid the distractions (Facebook, YouTube, Solitaire, Plants vs. Zombies, Endless Google Searches…) and instead actually put my carpal-tunnel-cold fingers to good use. Having credits and consequences acting as an executioner’s axe is always good motivation, no matter the major or field of study.

I cannot help, though, being excited to return to Ithaca College. It has its charms, created from the constellation of its beauty, its faults, its intelligence, and its shortcomings. I miss that charm. Of course, before I get back to that charm, I have to pack, finish reading my John Green book, and sit on a rattling bus for six and a half hours.

Did I mention I’ll also have to hike my shit up giant wintry hills to my residence hall?

Charm always comes with a price. *sigh*

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